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Welcome to the dealer services web site.


MarketCenter has teamed with to deliver an exciting new vending program that includes:

         New "State of the Art" Vending equipment branded with your franchise logos and models

         Nationally advertised vended products

         Prompt quality service to your dealership

         Maintain or in many cases increase your dealership's revenue stream

All At No
Cost To You.


Full Branded Grand Refreshment Center
For 100 or More Employee Dealerships


Program Services, through a local 3rd party vendor, will provide each location with new, custom designed for each dealer, state of the art vending equipment. This billboard equipment will be branded with the Chrysler Group Logo of your choice.*

*Graphic availability limited to franchise brands you currently operate.

Our vending program will be completely hands off and "turn key". Upon implementation, your local vendor will fill the machines, collect the proceeds and service the machine. All these services are absolutely "Free".  There is no cost to your dealership! will serve as your single point of contact for all vending issues (stocking, refunds, repair, selection change, etc.) and we can be reached toll-free at 866-369-6617 or through e-mail at

Service 1   

Vending Management will work with your existing vendor or one of our local vendor partners to provide a Chrysler Group branded full service vending program to your dealership.  We will handle all aspects of the equipment changeover and will negotiate Facility Rental Income on your behalf.

         We will survey your dealership to determine your current vending program including vend prices, vendor information and location satisfaction.  

         We will analyze your current vending and make recommendations for the new program.  We will size the equipment to your dealership and with your approval, we will proceed with the installation of the new equipment with Chrysler Group brands you select.*  

         We will contact your existing vendor to coordinate the new equipment transition.  If your existing vendor does not wish to invest in your branded equipment we will suggest an alternative vendor.  

         We will communicate all timing of changes so that you can clean the area if necessary and alert your associates that there will be an interruption of service during the equipment change.  

         We will follow up immediately following the change to determine satisfaction and periodically thereafter for quality assurance. Vendor will replace equipment at a minimum of every four (4) years.

Service 2   

Equipment Sales - If you currently own your own vending equipment and would like to purchase new Chrysler Group branded equipment National Vending will facilitate this transaction on your behalf.  We will be available should you have any questions regarding shipping, parts or training.

Service 3   

New Billboards - will continue to work with Chrysler Group to make new fronts available as models change.  If you desire new fronts for the machines at your dealership, National Vending will facilitate the delivery and installation of these branded billboards.  


Branded Equipment  


Chrysler branded vending equipment  



Dodge branded vending equipment  



Jeep branded vending equipment  


Dodge Motorsports  

Dodge Motorsports branded vending equipment  


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